Startup Resources: Innovative Problem Solving with Limited Resources

Startup Resources: Innovative Problem Solving with Limited Resources

September 17, 2020

We know how important your time is to you and your startup. That's why we are condensing some of our most popular GIST TechConnects into shorter formats. These shorter videos contain the best of each episode, distilled down to the most relevant points. You can still watch the full episodes in our TechConnect archive


With Bri Losoya-Evora, Learning and Impact Manager, CEED,  Natasha Ramanujam, BEMPU Health, Head of Growth & Strategy, and moderated by Debra Alfarone. 

Building a successful science and technology startup is challenging, even in the most developed startup ecosystems. For entrepreneurs who are not in these ecosystems – entrepreneurs who have limited access to capital, a strong network, government and industry support, or limited infrastructure – creating a startup is even more challenging.

However, there are entrepreneurs who have been able to launch and scale startups despite these challenges. These entrepreneurs understood how to leverage their limited resources to solve problems in their ecosystems. In doing so, these entrepreneurs created unique opportunities that helped them grow.



Key topics:

  • Resources innovators in limited resource settings should be aware of
  • Funding resources available to innovators launching a non-profit
  • Using marketing campaigns with limited financial resources
  • Working with social impact organizations
  • Benefits and risks of partnering with other organizations
  • Funding options at the local level
  • Strategic business planning resources
  • Protecting intellectual property


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