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Throughout the application and review period for GIST Tech-I Competition we will be highlighting finalists from GIST Tech-I alumni who remain an integral part of the GIST community today. All details will be updated and available on this page.

Highlighted previous Tech-I Winners include:

  • Donatus Njoroge (Kenya) won the 2019 GIST Tech-I pitch competition with his startup, Vinis Limited. Vinis Limited manufactures pesticides from essential oils in order to increase crop yields for farmers.  You can watch this video to learn more about Vinis Limited.
  • Wassim El Hariri (Lebanon) won the 2018 GIST Tech-I pitch competition with his startup, SASHA. SASHA has created a uniquely designed robot to fully automate food distribution in hospitals. The robot can eliminate errors in meal distribution by making sure every patient gets the right meal at the right time.  You can watch this video to learn more about SASHA.
  • Iffat Zafar Aga (Pakistan) won 2015 GIST Tech-I Best in Health prize with her startup, DoctHERs, a healthcare marketplace that connect female doctors to millions of underserved patients in real-time while leveraging technology. Home-based female doctors can remotely access patients via our cloud-based technology. This enables these doctors to circumvent socio-cultural barriers that restrict women to their homes, while correcting two market failures: access to quality healthcare and inclusion in the professional workforce for unemployed, qualified health professionals. Prior to Iffat’s participation in the GIST Tech-I Finals, DoctHERs had two clinics. They now have seven and aim to launch 36 clinics by then end of 2016. Watch this video to learn more about DoctHERs.
  • David Gluckman (South Africa) won the 2014 GIST Tech-I Startup competition with his low cost fire detection and early warning system. Lumkani (formerly known as Khusela) is a technology startup with a vision to mitigate the loss of life and property associated with shack fires in South Africa and across the globe through proactive and early warning. Their device is an innovative heat detector, which is connected through a transmission network to other detectors in a community creating a community-wide alert to danger. To learn more, visit their website at and watch his video here.
  • Mixon Faluweki (Malawi) won the 2014 GIST Tech-I Idea Competition with Padoko charger, a mobile phone charging device that enables individuals to charge their phones and other electronic devices using a bicycle as they travel between locations in remote Africa. To learn more watch his video here.
  • Nermin Sa’d (Jordan) created an online platform enabling Arab women engineers to telework. Her venture provides culturally sensitive employment opportunities for hundreds of highly skilled women across the Middle East. Learn more


Full List of Past Winners

1st Place Startup: Donatus Njoroge, Kenya, Vinis Limited

2nd Place Startup: Syed Abrar Ahmed, Pakistan, AzaadHealth

3rd Place Startup: Varinder Singh, India, GFF Innovations

Outstanding Female Entrepreneur: Queenny Alvarado, Ecuador, Anuka

Spirit of Tech-I: Heriberto Solano, Colombia, Black Square

1st Place Startup: Wassim El Hariri, Lebanon, SASHA

2nd Place Startup: Ja'far Albadarneh, Jordan, ARtour

3rd Place Startup: Sadaf Naz, Pakistan, Her Ground

Amazon Outstanding Woman Entrepreneurs: Sadaf Naz, Pakistan, Her Ground

Best Alumni Pitch: Anwar Almojarkesh, Syria, Braci Limited

Outstanding Woman Alumna Pitch: Jihane Laraichi, Morocco, EducationCM; and Almas Taj Awan, Pakistan

Spirit of Tech-I: Shahd Douglas, Jordan, TechTeb

1st Place Startup: Hoang Dao Xuan, Vietnam, Monkey Junior

1st Place Idea: Samina Sarwat, Bangladesh, Astha Purifier

2nd Place Startup: Yap Chee Wei, Malaysia, HiGi Energy PTE LTD

2nd Place Idea: Maher Yousef Maymoun, Jordan, Solar PiezoClean

3rd Place Startup: Muhammad Waqas, Pakistan, WonderTree

3rd Place Idea: Layth Hamad, Jordan, Clev-G

Honorable Mention Startup: MD. Samid Razzak, Bangladesh, 10 Minute School

Honorable Mention Idea: Nnenna Chioma Okoye, Nigeria, ResSpot

Outstanding Female Entrepreneur: Samina Sarwat, Bangladesh, Astha Purifier

Science and Technology Prize: Maher Yousef Maymoun, Jordan, Solar PiezoClean

Spirit of Tech-I: Amr Hussein, Egypt, Koshk Comics

People’s Choice Startup: Charity Wanjiku, Kenya, Strauss Energy

People’s Choice Idea: Maher Yousef Maymoun, Jordan, Solar PiezoClean

1st place startup: Carlos Francisco Bernal, Mexico, Eido Innova with GlucosAlarm

1st place idea: Rudi Cooke, South Africa, Water Bros

2nd place startup: Taita Ngetich, Kenya, Illumininum Greenhouse

2nd place idea: Mojisola Ojebode, Nigeria, BioResources

3rd place startup: Blessing Mene, Nigeria, UNFIRE

3rd place idea: Charles Batte, Uganda, Tree Adoption Uganda with Tree Capital

Honorable mention startup: Gabriel Gurovich, Chile, Snapp

Honorable mention idea: Sabira Mehrin Saba, Bangladesh, Bhitti

Best in Health: Iffat Zafar Aga, Pakistan, DoctHers

Best in ICT: Ibrahim Bernardo, Philippines, Sari Software Solutions

Best in Energy: Rudi Cooke, South Africa, Water Bros

Best in Agriculture: Mojisola Ojebode, Nigeria, Bioresources

Best Female Entrepreneur: Mojisola Ojebode, Nigeria, Bioresources

Spirit of Tech-I: Samson Fiado, Malawi, EasyBooks Accounting Package

Science and Technology Excellence Award: Patricio Avila, Chile, Platech

Potential for Societal Impact: Tendekayi Katsiga, Botswana, Deaftronics

1st place startup: David Gluckman, South Africa, Lumkani

1st place idea: Mixon Faluweki, Malawi, Padoko

2nd place startup: Mawano Kambeu, Zambia, Bus Tickets Zambia

2nd place idea: Cynthia Ndubuisi, Nigeria, Kadosh Production Company

3rd place startup: Edmund Ainebyona, Uganda, Cipher256

3rd place idea: Alim Khamitov, Kazakhstan, RobiGroup

Most Potential for Societal Impact: Onyedikachukwu Igili, Nigeria, DS-Project Waste to Point

Best Female Entrepreneur: Cynthia Ndubuisi, Nigeria, Kadosh Production Company

Honorable Mention in Agriculture: Juan Carlos Guaqueta, Colombia, Acuacare

Honorable Mention in Energy: Dilmurod Eshmuradov, Uzbekistan, UZSolar

Honorable Mention in Healthcare: Charles Akhimien, Nigeria, MobiCure

Honorable Mention in ICT: Shahzeb Mirza, Pakistan, Magision

Science and Technology Excellence Award: Felipe Varea, Chile, Kaitek Labs

Spirit of Tech-I Award: Wassim Zoghlami, Tunisia, Allervoid

1st place startup: Tonee Ndungu, Kenya, Kytabu Education

1st place idea: Badreddine Zebbiche, Algeria, GuideMe

2nd place startup: Chris Asego, Kenya, Eneza Education

2nd place idea: Anum Imtiaz, Pakistan, NANOTECH

3rd place startup: Dr. Lojain Jibawi, Lebanon, Votek Technology

3rd place idea: Ala' Kalifeh, Jordan, Presto Wireless

4th place: Sandra Aoun and Wissam Daou, DAWTEC

5th place: Alex Muriu, Kenya, Farmspace Africa

6th place: Mert Kucukozkan & Serkan Ari, Turkey, TaxiBUL

7th place: Mo Shahin & Adam Eldaba, UAE, AdvanTag

Best female entrepreneur: Nermin Sa'd, Jordan, Handasiyat

People's Choice Award: Alvin Chai, Malaysia, Netizen Testing

1st place: Natali Ardianto, Indonesia,

2nd place: Mohamad Taha, Lebanon, ma2too3a!

3rd place: Khaled Wagdy, Egypt, Motion Capture Systems

4th place: Saman Khan & Syed Irteza Ubaid, Pakistan, Nanocides

5th place: Laurent Liautaud, Senegal, Niokobook

6th place: Rachid Harrando, Morocco, COREvidence

7th place: Bassam Seif & Nadi Chemali, Lebanon, Kactus

8th place: Tamer Ahmed, Egypt, Assly

9th place: Abedul Azez Kasaji, Jordan, Mallna

Best female entrepreneur: Jolene Sim, Malaysia, Centsless

Most online votes: Ahmad Mubiden, Jordan, Mubstar

1st place: Najwa Sahmarani & Zyad Sankari, Lebanon, Cardio Diagnostics

2nd place: James Khoo Chen, Malaysia, SecQme

3rd place: Mahmoud Shattel, Jordan, Taquetna

4th place: Farhan Masood, Pakistan, Bloodline

5th place: Rofaida Awad Abdelaal, Egypt, With Love from Me

6th place: Moshin Islam Tiwana, Pakistan, Artificial Brain Controlled Upper Limbe prosthesis

7th place: Momal Mushtaq, Pakistan, Saltech

8th place: Anwar Almojarkesh & Saif Shoqerat, Jordan, Movement Charger

Best female entrepreneur: Iraq, Smart Crib

Most online votes: Karim Mohammed & Mees Alotaibi, Lebanon, Silver Nano Particles of Milk

The GIST initiative is led by the U.S. Department of State, and the Tech-I competition is implemented by AAAS.

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