Innovative biological laboratory INNO LAB LLC, in order to effectively protect plants, has developed an innovative light trap device “STORM” for industrial and selective trapping of insects. At the heart of the light trap is the innate insect reflex - phototaxis.

According to experts, this method is more effective compared to the currently existing methods of biological and chemical control of insect pests, since using an innovative device does not require additional use of drugs, which meets the standards of food and environmental safety.

Our project has already been supported by the Ministry of Innovative Development, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Scientific Production Center for Agricultural Sciences, JSC UZAGROKIMYHIMOYA, Research Institute of Plant Protection, Republican Council of Farmers and Dekhkan Farms of Uzbekistan, CENTER UZAGROAKHBOROTINNOVATION MARKAZI, CEEN Ministry of Health of the Public Health of Uzbekistan, State Inspectorate for Plant Quarantine Control, State Committee on Ecology and Environmental Protection, TSTU (TIE), SP ZOO AGRO JET (POLAND), BEK KLASSTER.

According to our calculations, the full self-sufficiency of the project, taking into account the purchase and import of equipment, components, spare parts, installation and commissioning, production of a batch with subsequent certification can take up to three months.

Chitin and chitosan derived from insects is the most expensive and high-quality raw material, which is widely used in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. But up to the present, it was obtained from crustacean shells, as it was not possible in practice to selectively catch insects in large quantities and quantities.

In our opinion, obtaining chitin and chitosan from insect pests cuticles will allow us not only to protect plants from insect pests, but also to obtain an additional biomaterial for the production of high-quality and import-substituting biological products with low cost.

In the future, we plan to develop a therapeutic ointment from the obtained products, which is used with high efficiency for burns and wound healing with accelerated regeneration of the skin, as well as the residue of insect pests to be used for the production of biological feed and fertilizers.





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