GIST Insights: Accelerators Versus Incubators

GIST Insights: Accelerators Versus Incubators

January 22, 2021

Your idea for your startup has promise. The startup you founded needs to scale. Your team is struggling with landing investment. Now is the time you seek out a program to meet your needs. But is it an accelerator or an incubator? And how do you get into those programs? GIST’s team of experts shares their insights with you about how to find and succeed in the right program for your startup.


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What You Need to Know About Accelerators and Incubators

Accelerators and incubators provide support to different stages of companies.
An incubator is generally for a very early stage company, while an accelerator pushes forward a company that has already been operating. Make sure you understand your startup’s needs before applying to an incubator or accelerator.

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Incubators have a unique value that can benefit your startup but you have to have the right kind of startup.
Understand what kind of startup needs and thrives in an incubator. Do you need a physical office space and shared equipment? Are you looking for a great to network?

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Get your startup ready to apply to an accelerator.
The right accelerator can provide you with important networking, mentorship, and validation to help your grow and get you ready for investors.

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Accelerators and incubators are a part of a thriving startup ecosystem.
What are accelerators and incubators actually looking for when they evaluate your startup? Understand their needs in order to give your startup the best chance for success in their programs.

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