Go Innovation Centre

GO INNOVATIONS, NGO (Vpered Innovatsii, GO) is a non-profit public organization founded in 2016 by a group of scientists at the initiative of Kyiv Academic University.

The mission of the organization is an active and efficient development of education and science in Ukraine.

Among the main goals of the organization are: creation of a favorable legislative field for scientists, the establishment of cooperation between science and business, the popularization of scientific achievements in Ukrainian society, and the conduct of scientific and educational activities.

 Project activities of GO INNOVATIONS include:

1. Innovative Days of KAU - a project aimed at promoting the commercialization of scientific developments and ideas of scientists through interaction with business structures and society. KAU Innovation Days is a comfortable meeting place between Ukrainian science and international business, where developers have the opportunity to meet company representatives, meet new partners and establish useful contacts, and Ukrainian and international business to learn about the latest scientific developments. In addition, many students and other participants are present at these events.

2. Data Science School is an all-Ukrainian project to popularize science, which is held twice a year since 2017.

3. "Mudra Makitra" Summer Physics and Mathematics School aimed at popularization of science among schoolchildren. Since 2005, every summer Mudra Makitra has been gathering schoolchildren, students, well-known teachers with high expertise to study mathematics, and since 2019, physics.

4. Deep Tech Marathon is a two-day marathon during which the team works on one of the elements of the business model to increase the market readiness of the product. Marathon audience: NASU developers, students, startups and entrepreneurs. The main goal is to create a team for market promotion of an innovative product and to improve one of the product’s elements.

5. Innovation Center in KAU (GIST Innovation HUB) - the task of Innovation Center KAU is to provide support to scientists-entrepreneurs and to underpin the goal of the initiative, to stimulate entrepreneurial activity and to provide participants with the opportunity to develop their skills jointly and scale their business - both in Ukraine and through the global connections of GIST Network.

6. Incubation program "BOOSTER of innovative projects". The purpose of the program: to help scientists and entrepreneurs acquire skills in business planning of projects and presentation of their inventions and developments to donors and investors. Activities within the framework of the Incubation Program: training on the theory and practice of developing pitch presentations, interactive sessions, homework, team consultations. The project will be implemented from 2021.

7. Helping to increase the capacity of regional authorities in the formation of a strategy for post-war recovery and industrial development (on the example of Kyiv region). The goal of the project: to strengthen the capacity of specialists of local executive bodies in the formation of a strategy for post-war industrial recovery based on the development of practical skills and abilities in the field of strategic management and planning in conditions of a high level of uncertainty. Audience: representatives of territorial communities, scientists, business, public sector. Activities: workshops, focus groups, publication of methodical materials.


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