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Innovation Center KAU

Innovation Center KAU  is created under the auspices of KAU and serves as the structural unit specializing in consulting, expertise, education and service. It provides high-tech services, solves scientific and technological problems with the involvement and assistance of leading scientific institutions of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

The Innovation Center also includes International Office KAU, Transfer Technology Lab та StartUps Lab KAU.



Ukrainian Future Incubator

Ukrainian Future, a business incubator of the Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, continues working with talented youth. The main goal of Ukrainian Future is to develop and scale the innovative activity of young people and to promote the development of innovative business in Ukraine.

Sikorsky Challenge Ukraine

The main mission of Innovation Holding is to develop and maintain an environment where new ideas and innovative technologies are born. Startup companies and small high-tech enterprises are created that bring new high-tech products and services to local, national, and global markets.

The main task is the creation and development of the Startup Schools "Sikorsky Challenge" in developed (in the context of innovations) universities of all regions of Ukraine.

Other tasks include:

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