The Innovation Village

As an I-Hub, the Innovation Village Uganda works with the GIST Network to design and build strong and vibrant networks in the Ugandan ecosystem. The Innovation Village also works with the GIST Network to provide its entrepreneurs more global opportunities to learn and collaborate.

Innovation Village Opens Second Location

The Innovation Village opened the Innovation Bureau to converge partners that wanted to co-locate with innovators. Launched on the belief that creativity will attract creativity, the bureau is now home to local, regional and global companies co-locating with early stage and growth companies. In 2017, companies such as Challenges Worldwide, InnovateUG, LeO Africa, Xente, Sellio, Kola Studios, Moquid, EnVenture, Growth Africa, Milima Technologies FinAfrica and Andela all co-located with Innovation Bureau startups. The partnerships helped spark activity that helped these companies meet their mandates.


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