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The following project is a mosaic social network. Its advantage is in the fact, that  all people’s photos appear on the screen immediately, despite the fact whether the person has subscribed on these people or knows them. PIXME – time- killer. Its target is users in the age group of 12-29. Definitely, the site can and will be visited by older people, however, we initially target the youth. Currently, mainly the youth have time, which they wish to waste on social networks and willingness to show off and share photos.

In the beginning, the site will be free of charge. Subsequently, fee will be charged for the following items:

  1.  For photos to stay on the site, due to the increasing number of users
  2. To make the add link under the photo
  3. To have your photo increased in size despite the number of likes
  4.  “premium photo”- we decide what photo the user should see the first, when he enters the site


  1. In the corner of the site there will be mini map of the site (like in Dota- video game). The user will be able to move immediately to the different places on the platform to have a view of all photos
  2. The movement will be created like in Google maps, using the mouse clamp and keys up, down, etc.
  3. Every time user visits the site, he will appear on a random place on the platform.
  4. Specialty is not in the photo, but in its location
  5. There will be special calculator of maximum number of photos per day, taking into consideration the current number of photos on the site. One user can upload definite number of photos, which will be automatically calculated and changed in direct ratio to the increase of users and the quantity of photos on the platform. Presence of navigation on one user’s photos will make it more interesting for others to watch and track his photochain
  6. Subsequently, special person will be hired to track the content of the uploaded photos. Unless the person has checked the content, the photo will not be uploaded on the site. In case, user wants to upload inappropriate photo, such photos will be blocked. In case, the same user all the same attempts to upload photos with inappropriate content, user’s profile will be blocked. Inappropriate content includes photos with any kind of violence, harassment, racism, non-tolerance, etc.
  7. We will create special competitions to heat up the interest from the side of the users. For example, “theme of the day- photos with funny inscriptions”. The winner will receive the prize. Time period of the action will be marked on the site.
  8. For users comfort, when a person wants to upload his photo, he chooses the cell for it and while the photo is being uploaded, the cell will blink red for other user, showing that it is reserved. Free cells will be green.
  9. All instructions will be available on the site for correct and comfortable usage of the platform.
  10. If a person wants his photo to appear near the photo of the well-known person with many likes, he should pay for such location.
  11. For extra fee, we can reserve special cells for users




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