GIST Insights: 4 Tips for Women Founders

4 tips for women founders

Being a founder presents certain obstacles no matter who you are. But women founders have unique challenges that make their path even more complex. In these tips from our innovation experts we provide resources to some of the issues we see repeatedly in our trainings. Issues that women founders face but that don’t need to prevent them from finding success.



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What You Need to Know About Lab to Market

Find a Mentor.
A mentor can provide you with just the right amount of expertise to help you with the most difficult decisions. But what are the qualities that make a great mentor? 

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Build Your Network. 
And don’t just build your network. Work it. Your network is going to be the best resource you have for finding the resources you need from new hires, to expert advice, to sharing your successes. Join an existing network or build your own!

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Be Confident.
Confidence is key when it comes to inspiring others to believe in your dream. Not all of us are born with the talent. Fortunately, confidence is something you can build.  

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Surround Yourself with Good People.
Your startup will only be as good as the people who help you build it. Choose your team wisely. Some people will tell you to get specialists who fill just one role. Others will tell you to get people who have broader skill sets. You will know your needs better than anyone. Trust yourself. But also do your own research.

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