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Utilizing Artificial Intelligence for Startups

GIST TechConnect: Utilizing Artificial Intelligence to Advance Your Startup

Nov 17, 2020
AI has promised so much but is it delivering for everyone? Big corporations have been leveraging AI to great benefit, but how can smaller companies and especially early-stage startups benefit from the AI revolution?
Global Healthcare Innovations Banner

GIST TechConnect: Global Healthcare Innovation

Aug 25, 2020

The spotlight on healthcare innovation has never been more intense and urgent as it is today.

GIST TechConnect Emerging Trends in Startup Investment Banner

GIST TechConnect: Emerging Trends in Startup Investing

May 14, 2020

Across the globe, early-stage investment has grown exponentially. The investment ecosystem is evolving and becoming much more sophisticated, which has had an increasingly positive impact on science and technology-based startups.

GIST TechConect Corporations Banner

GIST TechConnect: Startups and Corporations - Strategic Partnership and Investments

Feb 19, 2020

Large corporations play an integral part in the startup ecosystem. For newly launched startups, corporations can be potential customers, R&D partners, manufacturers, investors, competitors, and of course, acquirers.

Global Investment Trends and Best Practices banner

GIST TechConnect: Global Investment Trends and Best Practices

Nov 20, 2019

When it comes to science and technology startups, innovation knows no boundaries. As trade and technology make the world more interconnected, investors are continually looking to maximize their returns by investing across borders.

How Startup Investment Works banner

GIST TechConnect: How Startup Investment Works

Nov 13, 2019
A critical challenge faced by science and technology startups across the globe is how to secure funding to sustain and scale their ventures. Throughout the life cycle of a science or technology startup, entrepreneurs will need different types of funding from different types of investors.
Catalyzing Resources for Women Led Startups banner

GIST TechConnect: Catalyzing Resources for Women Led Startups

Sep 24, 2019

Cultivating a thriving, equitable, and inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem across developing economies requires a robust and supportive ecosystem.

TechConnect Customers Abroad Banner

GIST TechConnect: Developing Customers Abroad

Jun 28, 2019
Customer discovery is one of the most critical aspects of building a successful startup.  For startups interested in building a global business and attracting revenue from abroad, you should understand each new market's social and economic contexts, how to talk to potential customers about their needs, and ways to identify customer concerns. These and other skills are crucial to developing a successful revenue model. Connecting with customers, especially those that are abroad, is a skill that must be constantly developed and refined.
Innovative Problem Solving with Limited Resources Banner

GIST TechConnect: Innovative Problem Solving with Limited Resources

Apr 30, 2019
Building a successful science and technology startup is challenging, even in the most developed startup ecosystems. For entrepreneurs who are not in these ecosystems – entrepreneurs who have limited access to capital, a strong network, government and industry support, or limited infrastructure – creating a startup is even more challenging.
Grow Your Startup through Digital Marketing Banner

GIST TechConnect: Grow Your Startup through Digital Marketing

Feb 14, 2019
Over the last several years, digital marketing has played an increasingly bigger role in the growth of a startup. Through digital marketing, startup are now able to reach their intended markets efficiently and directly. Marketing tools include search engine optimization, paid advertising, and utilizing graphics and videos to reach target audiences.

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